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Frank's Auto has been Family Owned and Operated for
32 Years and Counting.


In 1984 Frank brought his family here to North Ogden, his wife Sherry and he found a little shop they decided to make their own. It was a huge risk but they were good hard working people and they knew they could make it. They started out as a transmission shop with the only employee being Frank himself. He did however have the help of his 7 children and his wife to get it started. The children walked street to street and handed out flyers, Sherry took care of the paperwork and as a family they turned their small 3 bay garage into something great.

Sean is their second oldest son and took an interest to cars from a very young age. As soon as he was old enough to turn a wrench he was working side by side with Frank. He spent as much time in the garage as his parents would allow, excited to learn everything he could about automobiles. His father taught him the importance of a job well done and the value of honesty. To this day Frank’s Auto prides itself on their quality work and always staying true and honest to their customers. Sean learned quickly and was soon running the shop for Frank when he was not around. After an amazing 20 years Sean purchased the shop from his father and brought his family to North Ogden to run it.

Frank is happily retired and Sean, along with his wife and 4 daughters, is happily running Frank’s Auto. It has been an amazing 32 years and Sean is excitedly looking forward to at least 32 more. He has his family involved with the shop as much as he can. His eldest daughter Shaylie now runs the office and his younger girls are often helping with clean up. His girls are proud to say they grew up in their father’s auto shop and would not have it any other way. Franks Auto has grown a lot over the last 32 years. The once one man shop is now operating with 4 mechanics. Frank’s Auto went from a simple transmission shop to a full service preventative maintenance and auto repair center, specializing in car care services, under-car, heat and cooling, electrical, heavy duty and yes even transmission repair.

Their experts have the knowledge to service and repair even the most challenging auto problems on all makes and models. They use the latest technology to assess the situation and offer you alternatives. All their work is guaranteed and you know you will be happy with the outcome. When you go to Frank’s Auto you know you will receive quality work from expert mechanics, but you also know you will be treated fair and they will be honest with you. It is a family run business after all.

Frank's Auto The Name You Will Trust.



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